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IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection

A description of the IUMA from the excellent site:

The Internet Underground Music Archive was better known by the acronym IUMA. The IUMA was started in 1993 by three students at the University of California at Santa Cruz: Jeff Patterson, Jon Luini and Rob Lord. The three men worked together to create an online music archive that would help musicians and bands who weren't signed by a major label. The site allowed these unsigned artists to upload files and send them to fans. The site also enabled the artists the opportunity to talk with their fans. The IUMA was first part of the Usenet newsgroups.

In 1998, Emusic bought the Internet Underground Music Archive and changed the look and feel. Unsigned artists would sign up with the service and receive a website and URL devoted to their name. Emusic also allowed artists to use three different services to upload their music. They could use Internet radio, a live streaming feed, or a download option where fans could download the songs directly to their computer. Many of the early files were WAV and AIFF files, but they later added the option of MP2 tracks and MP3 files. The website included a special section where the artists could see the number of visitors and downloads they had received and some top visited artists received royalty checks from the company.

In the early 2000s the company held a 'Battle of the Bands' event known as Music-o-mania, which went into the record books as the biggest online contest of its kind in history. They also helped bands gain exposure by working with talk show host, Jenny Jones, who have these unsigned artists on her show.

The company was known for unusual publicity stunts. They held a contest in 2000 for expectant parents. Couples who legally named their child Iuma were entitled to receive a check for $5,000. Travis Thornhill and his wife were one of the first families to take the company up on its offer, by naming their child Iuma Dylan Lucas. Thornhill was in a band that used IUMA for business purposes and the couple thought it would make a good story. The company paid out the same amount to a number of other families, too.

In 2001 Emusic decided to reduce costs and laid off a number of employees working exclusively on IUMA. Some of those workers stayed on because they believed the website would return and be better than ever. However, in 2006, Emusic shut down the IUMA site and those workers all left. Vitaminic bought the IUMA format that same year, but the site never returned.

In August 2013, IUMA Co-Founder Jon Luini was interviewed about the historical significance and lessons learned in the birth of IUMA.


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Pulled from an archive of the Internet Underground Music Archive, this .tar contains all files and directories that are not .mp3 files. This includes any HTML, graphics, scripts, or other materials related either to the original IUMA site or its recovery/save. This item is provided for later efforts to historically recreate or verify details about this IUMA save and to allow referencing of graphics or information in an easy manner. As this entire project was done a significant time ago (roughly...
From the rescue of the IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) collection comes this set of orphaned MP3 files, various artists and songs that did not have their primary information pages rescued. They are provided here for historical value and entertainment.
Mean Muggin Entertainment is a combination of 2 artist from different parts of the country that makes a super tight combo. One from New Orleans (Lopro) and the other from Chicago (Dae Dae). Our music is original and anybody who likes rap will dig everything put down. Production and graphic design is done by LOPRO and the lyrics is a combination of both.
Topic: mean muggin entertainment
visit ,email the band to purchase our 5 song CD "Dissect the rejects"
Here I am... the "New-B". I do a whole buncha stuff and most of it 'll appear here. First time I've tried this stuff. I'm getting the "easy" way out by creating with loop software. I have no musical tallent what-so-ever and if you hear something good its completely by chance. Thanks for spendin your time, and write me if you like any of my stuff ;-)
Topic: B1NARY
yOU remember when punk rock was about having fun? We do! Johnny D, Paul Diamond Blow, Karkass, and Ricky D-- four partying pnk rockers who know how to show a girl a good time!
Topic: Berserkers
hmmm we dont have many to tell. small band. we formerd in small places and shows. we started in 2000
Topic: Etnixis
Based upon unique sounds and style, trance that is pure and deep... Darkloud will take you to the next level.
Topic: darkloud
eQuirk (Jason) got ahold of some special software and some loops and he hasn't been right since. Started off with some catchy pop inspired dance tracks and has moved since. The mood has changed over time. Dance - Trance (attempts) - Gabber - Trip-Hop - EVERYTHING! I enjoy all types of electronic music and I will attempt to make EVERY type! I'm kinda talking with a local rapper (Golden MC) about doing something together, it should be fun. Check back here for details.
Topic: eQuirk
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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Gigs is an Israeli Singer/Songwriter that currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. For more information go to the official website @
Topic: GIGS
this is currently a jumble of stuff. The first three tracks were recorded by Elliot, and this is what we're trying to play....
Topic: Idlemind
RIGHT NOW I JUST NEED A SPACE TO UPLOAD ILL HOLLA WITH MORE INFO IN DUE TIME. sdafadfsadfsadfsljadfjsadfjsadfjsadfjsadfjsk jl;kskls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;kls;af jlk sajdlfkjlk;j lskadfj;lkfjslk jkjadslfjfldksf lksdfjaklsdfja kljsdlfkjalkfdsjf a kldjsf;kladjsf;lkj jkl;adsjfkldsfj
Topic: illogicz
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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bastardizing noise rock. nothing more to say.
Topic: IGON
Still don't have a band, but still playing and writting songs, maybe posting some additional recordings soon. I write songs and then try to record them. I do it for fun. My friends help me by sitting in on certain tracks.
Topic: Joe Scalisi
Justin Hoy has been playing piano for 15 years. His first release "from the City to the Haybarn" has received great reviews from musicians around the world. He is currently working on a number of other projects including a Children's musical due out spring 2001 and a second album titled "To Be".
Topic: Justin Hoy
KOALESCENCE Artists for Artists Koalescence embodies one of the most creative concentration of Northern Indiana-based artists. The talents participate, as a whole, in almost all projects conducted by the organization whether it's shows, promotional functions, interviews, or any other publicity related event. Koalescence is, also, an independent label with releases scheduled for the area this year. Two of them include Non-Fiction, a Hip-Hop/duo, and Darryl Sean Williams, an R&B/soloist....
Topic: Koalescence
Lucky RavenHawk is guy who loves to create & feel music and give it to others. What I play or how I play is not important. What is important is that I do play. Even more important is how you feel when the music enters you. You Are Loved, Lucky RavenHawk
Topic: Lucky RavenHawk
Maddinfomatic aims make music to elevate the soul and relax your mind.Maddinfomatic consist of to conscious emcees who will go left field for the hell of it with tracks that are abstract but catchy and rymes with serious subjects that are full of sarcasm.Selig and 8-split oppose the norm with their chill but crictical approach to hip hop.
Topic: maddinfomatic
We got our whole band together now, with the exception of a permanent bassist. We've put together four songs in a little over a month, and we're working to write some more. Pretty soon we'll have a short demo ready and will being playing at least two shows a month. Keep your eyes peeled for the Uncommon Ground. We've taken several big steps and have progressed musically. This thing is gonna be huge!
Topic: mattanderica
Midiwanna is not really midi at all.
Topic: Midiwanna
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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OneHeart is a Northwest group dedicated in sharing God's Love in Song. Currently we are working on our second CD "One at Heart". Words and midi are available at
Topic: OneHeart
Orlando has been writing songs for many years, but only recently began singing in karaoke clubs and getting a good response. A couple of years ago he teamed up with Michael (American Prince) and produced a couple of good songs. He recently began playing on keyboards and experimenting with computer software to create his own sound and is now working with his own studio aspiring to produce more material. The first song on the page is one that will pull at the heart strings and is appealing to all...
Topic: OrlandoB
Rock and Roll band from the next Seattle...Manhattan KS. Dedicated to the rock, all it stands for, and those who stand for it.
Topic: Orangerock
Originally was the band, Mean Free Path, though due to many band member & style changes over several wuz decided to best lay the name to rest. R.I.P. All songs where written or revamped by here is the music for your enjoyment (hopefully...hehe). Mike Sudar enjoyed underground success in the mid to late 80's with his first baby, ARMOROS. He also joined Strapping Young Lad's for a brief stint as live guitarist in their first line-up. He soon left due to personal &...
Topic: Sudarian
im still thugging baby...........always ,its that new shit for a nigga to feel....2003! and so on! Holla at them dollas,fo sho
Topic: WeEdIeBoNe AkA LiLB
This is just the beginning...
Topic: Wind on the beats
We are the end result of some very diffent musical tastes that will hopefully move your heart, as well as your feet. Formed in 2000 by Wade(composer/keyboards/drums), the band is currently working on their debute CD which is planed for release this year. more information can be found at the offical web site,
Melodic vocals over an unrelenting heavy groove. Listening to Ritual music may cause strain on your neck... This ain't no regular 4 piece dinner, and after being force fed an eye/ear full of Ritual....well...a 2nd serving would be considered suicide!!
Topic: RitualX
It doesn't cost much, and it has a beat.
Topic: Sandee Cox
No description found.
Topic: Swellings
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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As an ensemble we use standard tenor guitars together with contrabass, terz and requinto instruments. Most of the programme contains original transcriptions and arrangements, which make use of the various tone colour possibilities presented by blending these different types of guitars. In addition our repertoire is drawn from a variety of sources, not all normally associated with the guitar, and contains substantial but lesser known works not often heard in their original format.
Topic: TERZ
Promoting individual freedom and global capitalism, $ is the enemy of socialists and others who love lots of government control and restrictions. More songs to come in the future. Beware.
Topic: The Capitalist Known As
Under Construction...
Topic: The Please Consortium
ununbium disbanded in 2002 due to other commitments. if you live in the metro detroit area and play guitar, bass or drums and can see the direction that this album is headed toward, e-mail me at long live ununbium!
Topic: ununbium
Topic: Velp Zuid ProDUTCHiez
Topic: Venera11
Topic: Vendese
The one only VA.Slim,out the 804,changed to the 434.Rap is me.I have done music from Virginia,to Hawaii,to Arizona.From Sinai,to Kalakua,to Mill,and now I have come with the first of many to come."Bring It To The Table"I am in the studio working on my next cd right now.Just Listen,Ill let my music speak for itself.VA.Slim
Topic: VA.Slim
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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Solo Artist composer looking to share the music. Over the years I've been writing a lot of tunes and have recorded a few along the way. On most of the songs here, all instrumentation was performed by me, the rest have guest players on various tracks. All songs writen, recorded and produced in a meager home studio by me. Kind of learned as I went along. I hope you will find them enjoyable. I'm posting the early stuff now but I am working on something new now and will be finished by summer of...
Topic: Veekay
Coming Soon
Topic: Zero Star
MrBlake MrBlack MrWhite MrWalker To contact MrBlake, send email to
Topic: VersaStyle
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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Silver Age is Golden...CLPSO consist of three members. Chris, Karen and John. Chris is the "TaskMaster", Karen is our inspiration, John is the Sound Guy. Chris and Karen are the performers, all of our music is original. Chris got the nickname TaskMaster, when we realized his favorite saying is, "Wanta do it again." Karen is a super talent in her songwriting and performance. John is just trying to stay out from behind the wheel of the bus. Hope you enjoy our efforts.
Topic: CLPSO
Hi I'm Lightnin George and I've been playing and singing writing songs most of my life. Its my passion and pleasure to do so hope you enjoy what I've created. Lightnin
Topic: Lightnin George
Hard hitting, reality-based, rap artist. Mr. Maniacal is no ordinary rapper. Seen as some what of a visionary of the struggle between good versus evil.
Topic: Mr. Maniacal
look at me... i am Mr. Playdough... and look... there's me... yes... aren't i fun? yes... music... it's good... if you want more... e-mail me...
Topic: Mr. Playdough
Experimental electronic music made from sources that were never intended to be sounds. I've been here in this room bending data and crushing bits for years now, trying to get these sounds out of my head. About the tracks: For Normal, Sleeps, Grain Mistake, HMH, and Weight Attached are all from my self released CD "Letters From Richard". These songs were all created using emails recieved from my late friend, Richard Taylor, as source material. Mathlete was a mixit submission at...
Topic: v3rsfct
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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Bass player in Peat now working on his solo project. Now working with synthezisers and trying to find new dimensions for more exciting musical experience
Topic: Used
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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w/trem started as a bedroom project, and has more or less stayed that way ever since. Inspired by Flying Saucer Attack's ability to produce unbelievable amounts of overpowering sonic overload using only a 4-track tape recorder and a couple of FX pedals, I set out to make some similarly shimmering, luminous and on occasion rather noisy music of my own. It's been a kind of success - I like what I've done, and so do a number of other people who like that kind of thing, minority though we may be....
Topic: wtrem
Just me.. MC/producer.. just my songs. Born: January 19, 1986 height: 5'9" weight: 185 hair length: 15" rap style: story telling, battle ish.. sometimes abstract.. freestyling..
Topic: AlIteration
Declaim formed in the fall of 2002. Their goal is to have fun while playing as many shows as possible, create giant ninja pits through our intence breakdowns, and possibly expose Central Illinois to a bit of a different flavor in music. So far we've gotten a great response from all of our listeners and we hope we do the same for you.
Topic: Declaim
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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***check out "album1", "album2", "album3" above to see the other songs*** Formed in early 2003, Katie & KayeN are the two behind "Dichorum"; an experimentive music project covering a variety of genres with emotional tones. Sharing similar interests in music, the two got together just three days after their first conversation, creating their very first song: "Removing The Grey". Afterwards, they worked together on more songs experimenting...
Topic: Dichorum
Gabriel of Sedona's unique form of global change music is performed with his Bright and Morning Star Band. CosmoPop is universally hip, popular spiritual vocal music which addresses soul ascension and global humanitarian issues. His vocal style is a mystical experience. The music incorporates various modern genres, rhythms, and moods with future expressions. It bonds spirituality with sexuality. It opens the memory circuits of starseed.
Topic: Gabriel of Sedona
HoraZero tiene mas de dos anos tocando. Actualmente hay integrantes nuevos lo cual tenemos como 3 meses tocando juntos. Esto nos abierto grandes puertas, incluyendo House of Blues, La Cueva, Hall of Mirros y Xalos, Bar sin mensionar otros. Al igual hemos tocado con bandas de Renombre tal com: Volumen Cero, Pastilla, Maria Fatal, Dioses del tiempo ect... HoraZero tinen un estilo de rock muy peculiar que una vez que lo escuchas no hay nada mas, con el sonido de Rock/Pop Alternativo no hay...
Topic: HoraZero
We are currently hard at work to complete our band this isnt gonna be very easy process.We are so far a Lead Guitar (chris),and Drums (nathan).We are curently seeking to fill in the bass and vocal positions asap. Nathan and Chris have been jamming together for about a 1 1/2yrs.Chris had had jammed with david for a while then later he tried out and we picked him up about 3 months ago.The band has been jamming as a band for 8 months we have currently played shows at The White Rabbit and have show...
Topic: inebrious
We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.We love to play.
Topic: Mindful Psychedels
Five piece Kick ass aggresive progressive metal band combining old and new metal influences. Although the band is no longer together, I feel the album deserves to be heard. It doesn't get any heavier than this in Boulder Colorado so enjoy. By the way, I plan to sell this album soon so keep a lookout for it! PLease e-mail me with any comments or questoins:
Topic: Subterfuge
Surefire is a punk band from Chicago. They've been around for a few years and have a few demos under their belts. They're currently in the studio working on their first full length which is set for release in March of 2004. Check out their site at
Topic: Surefire Music
Tourist Bud 's personell are D.S. Bakker, who has taken Bud around the world and is the narrator for "Bud: The Musical," Lorraine L. Whittlesey, who wrote the words and music and sings the Bud Songs, David Crandall, who custom designed the animation and video for "Bud: The Musical," and Joe Wall, who brings Bud to life via sound design and actually brings Bud to life!!
Topic: touristbud
Yo! I am from Cleveland Ohio... my e-mail is 2001 All music is copyrigthed and "All rights reserved"
Drunk partyband,travel in thailand,old songs from 1992,use juno106 and dont remember more
Topic: DPMusicfactory
Ethan Recently moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is currently working on a solo album with Longtime friend and bandmate Jackson Long (out of seattle). Ethan Is working at raising awareness for the local music scene in Oklahoma.
Topic: Ethan Park
Incus is a Boston based band, founded in the late nineties by Jason Cohen and talented ex-bassist, Steve Bird. With our unusual instrumentation, Incus produces a bass-heavy sound that is hypnotic, tribal, and dark, yet uplifting. We seek to examine the darker side of life, while taking a positive, even danceable slant. Our musical style has been described alternately as tribal, arty goth, and darkworld.
Topic: I N C U S
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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Please visit for more tunes.
Topic: JayM
"Remy" is currently tying up loose ends in the Carolinas in order to move back west and continue writing with friend and colleague Jonathan Ansley. After leaving the band scene behind several years ago, Remy followed other endeavers including college degrees in anthropology and philosophy, as well as several years working as an archaeologist. Now he and co-writer Jonathan Ansley are joining forces in an effort to write and perform music that is honest, pure, and insightful, hoping...
Topic: Jeremy Baucom
mr. f. loves you! All the info you need is at
Started 1998. Trance Team has changed their name to "ELEKTRO X" in May of 2000. The following page will take you to the main site: Elektro X
Topic: Trance Team
Some days, ya know what? I don't know who I am... I remember being from Connecticut... Playin all over the place, and now,I'm in Dallas,Tx. And life goes on and on and on and on.....
Topic: Will Carroll
jimmy rocks it out with a guitar in hand yose...he picks up his axe and turns his amp a creative sound he makes..the distortion is whaling in my ears and makes me headbang...nifty sweet
Topic: yourmomma
ridin around in jason's thing strummin a mexican geetar and feelin fine, singin bout animal friends and girl problems aint half bad.
Topic: bullygirl
There is something extremely satisfying about honest music. This day and age, there are so many issues that revolve around defining a sound or image that often the most important aspect, the music, gets mired in a sea of rhetoric and labeling. And with this comes an implied question as to the integrity of the performers; is this to cash in on the latest fad? Is this punk? Why are they playing this sound? Given a background rooted in the best of California hardcore (Insted, Carry Nation,...
Topic: crashcart
Dr. Idylanger was a pyschoanalyst, commissioned to work at The Richter Place in 1959, at which time he began to implement his ideas in relation to perceptual waves, pulsation ratios, and personality theories. Dr. Idylanger is thought to have undergone a form of metamorphosis, which is referred to as The Crystallization Process. Shorty thereafter, the doctor's experiments led him to voluntarily undergo a type of plasmatic submergence, from which he has yet to return. Acidsoxx Musicks...
Topic: Dr. Edward Idylanger
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) Collection
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EAJ's #1 All you want song can also be found on the Search) The song already got a lot responses from all over.The Producer/Songwriter-Robert S. is EAJ main Songwriter that wrote many hit potent songs for EAJ.Robert S. Produced and wrote many other songs featured on mp3 also.EAJ with Robert S. reminds me of how Missy and Timbalin first started.
Topic: EAJ
The point of this band is destroy any attempt you have at having a coherent thought. You will die if you listen to us.
Topic: funnystuff
One day, listening to Mr. Crowley (J. Osbourne), tears rolled down my face induced by a melodic outro solo; and a decision that would affect my life forever was made. That decision was to make a living playing the guitar. Somehow! Someway! But odds were against me and good-intended advices told me not to pursue such a career, saying, it's too tough, there's no security. Pursue a respectable career such as a doctor or lawyer. So I heeded their advices and really tried to deny this desire that...
Topic: Jesse7